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Capital for Touristic Villages has many brands–that’s the innovative model that the company began building in the late 1980s. From pioneering the extended-stay business to launching distinctive brands geared toward the business traveler either inside of Egypt as ByootBay Resort and other known brands or outside of Egypt with restaurants and cafes which led increasing its presence overseas, Capital for Touristic Villages broke new ground in its quest to become one of the most known hospitality company in Egypt with it’s known resort ByootBay Resort. Our resort, ByootBay was founded in 2006. We are known for a long time to be a great relaxation and vacation spot within the borders of the capital.ByootBay resort, only 15 minutes away from Giza, on Cairo-Alexandria desert road. An amazing chance to forget the noise of the capital and enjoy a weekend of relaxation. In our amazing resort with the pool view from your room and surrounded by a complete package of services to enjoy.

All of these options are accompanied by a music DJ all day playing your favorite songs.

Our residential services come on different levels. Our resort offers three different experiences which are the royal suite, the junior suite, and the double room apartments. The royal suite is a luxurious experience for great relaxation. The junior suite is a spacious and cool space with all services by your side. The double room apartment with a refreshing garden view and sunny balcony to grab some fresh air.


Our resort offers you a comprehensive set of activities to best enjoy your time. The pool, directly in front of your rooms, football and tennis playgrounds as well. For more fun, you can enjoy our games area including soap pitch, climbing, and some fights. For more traditional playing options enjoy our table tennis, chess, backgammon, and card games every night.


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