Enjoy the food

with family & friends

Day & Night


Day and Night restaurant in ByootBay resort is one of the greatest perks of this resort. This restaurant offers an exceptional open buffet experience. They offer a wide variety of choices from different cuisines all over the world.

The menu includes tens of items from all the cuisines you can imagine to satisfy all tastes. The visitors to our resort are from different nations, we made sure everyone will be happy eating different dishes.

Our buffet will include food items such as pasta, Asian noodles, shawarmas, and a wide variety of sauces and desserts.

The experienced staff and chefs will make sure that all of the dishes are prepared fresh and the ingredients are of high quality that offers the best taste and rich flavors. Our staff will make sure you had the perfect open buffet experience.

Gang Burger


Hungry for delicious burgers? We have you covered ! Drop by Gang Burger and have a pick from our menu.

3al Tasa


3al Tasa is perfect for your hungry stomach while having a break from the pool. Get the sandwich of your choice from kebda, sogo2, shawerma, pane, hot dog & Pizza.



If you had enough of food and want to enjoy a nice hot or cold drink with a yummy dessert, Hupi is here for you!



Casual Dining by the pool for both the perfect food & view !